Saturday, 21 January 2012

30 Before 30 - the recap

Now that I am the ripe old age of 30, it's a very good time to look back at see what I achieved, and what I did not.

I've ticked a couple things off my list from the last time I updated it. Items in pink are ones that I'd kind of done. Ones in green I have done since then.

1. Go to a new country with a different culture and language
2. Learn another language
3. Run a half marathon
4. Learn to surf
5. Learn to sew (properly), as in take a sewing course.
6. Climb a palm tree
7. Go scuba diving - read all about it in a very average format here.
8. Swim with sharks - half done, if you consider snorkelling with sharks in Sea World as swimming with sharks.
9. Travel around Australia - half done - I'm slowly making my way around, but I haven't seen the outback yet. 
10. Go to Tasmania
11. Go skiing
12. See snow
13. Go to the Amazon - half done. I've been to the Amazon Basin but not the actual Amazon River. 
14. Get a degree
15. See the full moon over water (ideally a beach)
16. Live inner city
17. Go camping under the stars
18. See Macchu Picchu
19. Attend a High Tea, preferably with my mum.
20. Go to a gallery
21. Go to the Museum (I have been to museums, but not the Melbourne Museum...)
22. Do the Oxfam Trail Walk
23. Have a stall at a market
24. Go to Canada
25. Buy a brand new car
26. Do Bikram or Hot Yoga
27. Do 10 chin ups/pull ups Done! Completed this quite a few times. I didn't think I would, and my form still isn't 100%, but I've done it. WOOHOO! 
28. See Rammstein Live
29. Go to New Zealand
30. Go to the Melbourne Comedy Festival

Because I realise I don't really have too many photos of me on this blog (but it's the internet. In public!), here's some of my favourites from the list. Which basically means my favourite from life :)

1& 2 (Kind of) The wildlife refuge in Ecuador where I got to work with crocs.
This guy was a 6 week old American Croc. 2009

13. Tubing on the Rio Arajuno in Ecuador 2009

18. Macchu Picchu 2009
28. Rammstein, Big Day Out 2011. The lead singer is sitting on
the giant penis that just ejaculated paper.

29. Dan and I in Milford Sound, NZ 2010.

So there's still a heap of things to do. I need to have a think about what I want to do for this year. Amazingly enough, it will be 31 before 31. Who'd have thunk it?! I think some of the items on the list will be a bit random, because frankly, 30 is the traditionally 'big' year for life goals. But there should be some interesting times ahead methinks. I'm looking forward to it :-D

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