Monday, 30 January 2012

Monday morning run

One of my favourite things this year has been to go for a run on a Monday morning before work. It starts the week of well and if you have plans or it's too hot in the evening, it means you can get your run in. It also makes starting a new week a little less painful - if you're gonna get up early, you may as well get up early doing something you love!

The thing is, my knees were playing up a lot last week. My left knee was doing it's usual, and the right knee...well, something clicked out of place on Saturday and was quite sore, but felt fine yesterday. 

Running when I know I shouldn't makes me feel a little like a junky: It's just one man! I can stop whenever I want - it's just recreational. Just a short 5km, that's all!

Actually, on's not. I have the Sunset Super Series coming up on Wednesday. It's my first 'race' rather than a fun run, a series of three 8km runs over a couple of weeks to let you challenge yourself. It should be good though, knee pending - it's through the zoo! 

picture of funny zoo sign

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