Monday, 16 January 2012

Do Life Challenge - Week 2 recap

Week two of the Do Life Challenge didn't go as well as Week One. I'm good at starting things, but not the best at finishing them, which is something to work on. 

The challenges for this week are below: 
  • Do something out of the ordinary for a stranger. Find a way to brighten someone's day. Pay for an elderly couple's meal at the restaurant. Give a homeless man a blanket. Volunteer. Compliment someone. Do something out of your way. Something, maybe, you've never done before. 
This one was harder than I thought. Although I think I kind of got there. We have a homeless dude Anthony who sits in the lane near work. We'll chat every so often and I'll give him food or money or something, and just before Christmas I have him some food and a card and we had a good chat. He was saying that he would love to work part time in the gardening industry, as that's the only thing he could really handle. So this year I looked into whether there are any programs like that for homeless people. Unfortunately there isn't, but I did try! I haven't seen him since then, so hopefully that's a good sign. 

  • Do something else. Yep, that's (at least) two times this week, you'll be going out of your way.
Again, just before Christmas I looked into volunteering at Second Bite, and organisation in Melbourne who collect surplus food and distribute it to charities and different organisations. It's something I"m pretty passionate about - EVERYONE should have enough to eat, and there is no need for wastage, so it's perfect. Thinking about this challenge reminded me to actually contact them, and I have now volunteered with them to go to a market once a month and collect the food from the vendors. This makes me happy :)
  • Reassess your pushups (or plank) today or tomorrow. And keep working them. There are pushup and plank plans all over the internet, or make up your own. Stick with it!
I didn't do it! I don't know why? I did try doing modified (girly push ups) and did 30 of them, but...meh. 
  • Reassess your goals. Where are you? How are you doing? Do you need to change anything?
I didn't really reassess them, but they're doing quite well. I caved on Wednesday and had a small glass of wine after really wanting one the night before, but I did make an effort to do a token weights session on the Sunday morning before my party, so that was good. I think it's all on track. 
  • Intermediate/Advanced: 30 extra minutes of intense work like last week + 200 jumping jacks. (all at once or spread out)
I totally forgot about the jumping jacks (or star jumps as they're called in Australia). And I don't think I added the intense work, although I did run super fast once and then run intervals for my next run, so...maybe? And another 18km run, which was really pleasant. 
  • Write four things you did well. Every night before bed.
Again, I partly do this in my gratitude diary, but I've started writing 4 of them as things I've done well instead of things I'm grateful for. It's tougher than I thought, which is a worry...

Also, it was my 30th this week! Sunday we had a kid's garden party. There were party hats.There were dogs in party hats. It was good. 

Edit: my fonts are all over the place today. I don't know why?

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