Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Do Life Challenge - Week 3

After my lacklustre Week 2 , this week's challenge is a doozy - a good ol' fashioned scavenger hunt! And it is epic! I cursed it this morning when first saw it, but now it looks like so much fun!

[photo proof required for every single item!]
[each item worth one point unless otherwise stated]

  1. Policeman/woman in your town wearing a Do Life shirt (2 points) or holding a homemade Do Life sign (1 point).
  2. You sitting on or standing next to a tricycle with a racing bib on. In public. Bonus points for helmet and sunglasses.
  3. Statue in your town wearing Do Life shirt (2 points) or wearing a Do Life sign around its neck (1 point).
  4. Ballerina pose during your next workout. 
  5. The biggest chalk Do Life logo you can make. Outdoor basketball court? 
  6. Screenshot of your longest walk/run of the week. (http://mapmyrun.com in case you don't know how to map a run yet. Or any other mapping/GPS device.)
  7. You holding your biggest excuse on a piece of paper while defeating the excuse.
  8. You holding the DVD of AIR FORCE ONE starring HARRISON FORD the BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. Bonus point for your best Harrison Ford face. GET OFF MY PLANE.
  9. You in grocery store holding a pineapple and a watermelon. At the same time. 
  10. Your super healthy grocery list. 
  11. You ignoring a warning sign.
  12. You holding a "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" sign at the local library.
  13. You with 80+year-old. Both giving the peace sign.
  14. $18.87 in change. 
  15. Picture of a homemade smoothie. Your hand must be in front of it giving a thumbs up.
  16. Recreate a famous picture/painting.
  17. You wearing seven shirts.
  18. You with as many other people holding Do Life signs. One point for every two people. 16 people = eight points. 100 people = 50 points. 
  19. You wrapped in Christmas lights. And them turned on. I'm sorry. I know you JUST put them away.
  20. You in plank or pushup position. Outdoors. 
  21. Picture of you finishing your toughest workout of the week. Or a re-enactment of your reaction upon finishing. 
  22. Do Life Dog. (open to interpretation.)
  23. You at the most famous location in your town. Wearing Do Life shirt (2 points) holding Do Life sign (one point). 
  24. You with an apple on your head with an arrow through it.
  25. You pointing to your city in an actual atlas.
  26. You in a music store rocking out. 
  27. Do Life Cat. (open to interpretation.)
  28. You wearing your favorite sport's team's gear. Double peace sign.
  29. You holding a sign with how many minutes you worked out this week.
  30. You with someone named Richard. If your name is Richard, you with someone named Lauren. No cheating! ("they won't know his name is actually Bob...")
  31. You sitting in bleachers cheering on a game that's not being played. 
  32. A homemade painting of your biggest goal. No deductions for lack of painting skillz. 
  33. A lawyer's business card. Five bonus points if the lawyer's name is Larry.
  34. You standing beside a Ferrari.
  35. Picture of you on a treadmill. (2 points if the time is 30+ minutes and you appear to have actually done the 30 minutes.)
  36. You. In a boat.
  37. You on the top floor of a building. 
  38. You high-fiving the grocery store cashier. 
  39. You in a top-hat. 
  40. You running in a top-hat
I enlisted the help of my housemate and did two of them tonight. One I'm still waiting on since I will probably do a harder workout this week, so here is one official one :)

#4 - Ballerina pose during your next workout. 

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