Monday, 9 January 2012

Do Life Challenge - Week One recap

Here we are at the end of the Do Life Challenge - Week One

My last post highlighted my personal goals for the week, which ended up mainly pretty well. How did I go? 

1. Run 5kms in 25 minutes (or a 5:00km pace for 5 kms). I did this today. And was VERY excited! I thought I did once before but was uncertain about the accuracy of my Cardio Trainer, but today I started out strong and kept it going, and ended up running 5:02kms in 25 mins at 4:52 pace. BOOYAH!!! It was bloody hard, but worth it. Now to try to do it without dying! 

2. No alcohol on school nights. Going well. I didn't even drink much on the weekend, which was nice. Tonight I would have killed for a red, but powered through with a bottle of water instead. 

3. Do weights at least once a week. I did one workout with them this week. Am planning on doing one tomorrow night but increasing the weight and ensuring I do some shoulder work. 

My weights mat
4. Drink 3 600ml bottles of water per day. I failed once, but was good every other day. Having a bottle in my bag on the way to and from work definitely helps. 

5. Stretch for 2 minutes plus after running. Been good. Although I was sorer after my long 18km run than I normally would be - not sure if due to stretching or just not used to running that distance any more.

Increasing the duration by 30 mins and the intensity. I didn't do this per se, as in it wasn't a concerted effort. However, I did do the weights session, and the long run (approx 17-18kms), which was more than I would normally do. 

Four good things. I kind of already do this most days anyway - I have a gratitude diary which is a notebook in my bag where I list 10 things I'm thankful for. This can be sporadic, but it's normally a couple of times a week (depending on if I get a seat on public transport). However, for the sake of this I'll do my four good things now:
  1. Ran above my target pace (5 kms at 4:52 pace)
  2. I successfully resisted a glass of wine tonight
  3. I got my colleagues excited about cheese Tim Tams (kind of)
  4. At work an article I wrote got published. 
I don't really take photos of myself whilst working out, purely because my cardio trainer app is always going and I can't take photos whilst it's going, but I did manage to take some of my sweet new workout gear: 

Sweet new workout gear!
And in random news, here's a picture of my house mate, fiancée and I holding a boa constrictor on the weekend. Coz that's how we roll. 

Tourist much?

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