Thursday, 2 June 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Well, this was meant to be my Living Below the Line week. I even went shopping with D and we bought just under $20 worth of food for the both of us. I was looking at the battery-hen eggs, thinking about how on top of everything else, how much it would suck if you were that poor and had to make inethical choices about what to eat. I decided not to get the eggs because the idea of it made me sick to my stomach.

It wasn't just the idea of inethical, chicken hating eggs. I don't know what it was, but I ended up having two days off work and still am feeling a bit off. I tried on the Monday to stick to just porridge with hot water, but alas....that is not appetising at the best of times, and when you can barely sit upright even less so. So I decided to put the challenge off for a week and do it next week. I already know that it is hard - some of the choices that you have to make over taste, nutrition, bulk (ie things that will fill you up the longest for the least amount of money) are hard to do. It's so easy to just spend $3 without thinking about it, and that's more than some people's daily wage. Crazy times.

However, it is Thursday and that is Things I Love Thursday day! As per the lovely Ms Gala, I love the idea of a day of gratitude. I have a little gratitude notebook and write in it as often as a can, which generally means whenever I get a seat on the train or tram (which normally ends up being one of the entries)

So, without further ado:

Things I Love Thursday
  • Feeling less like dying after being sick all week. Hooray!
  • My little black ball of fluff, otherwise known as my kitty :)
  • Reading Life is So Good. I saw a girl on the train reading it the other day and was intrigued. Then I saw it at my local op-shop (which is now open Sundays - SCORE!). It's still early on but I'm enjoying it immensely
  • New runners. Soon I'll even be able to train for my half marathon again!
  • This sign - it is exactly the kind of sign I would do. I think I even thought about creating something like it during my last major run! This means that someone is thinking the same as me! Spooky ;)
  • Getting flowers from an organisation I did minutes for last week. It was a really nice gesture.
  • Just how fucking lucky I am. Seriously, things could be a lot worse. Life is pretty sweet.

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