Friday, 16 November 2012

F*uck Yeah Friday!

Today has been a series of niggles and gripes, and it's only 8:06am! Let's change it around with a F*ck Yeah Friday and think about awesome stuff. Yes? Yes!

These are some things that have been making me smile this week:
  • Riding Susan. I'm really enjoying this bike. I feel safe and steady, and even managed to overtake someone! Granted she was grandma age. But sometimes you gotta take a win where you find it. 
  • I went to hot yoga for the first time last week and loved it! I haven't sweated that much in... Well, ever I think, but it was good. It felt very detoxing.
  • On Sunday I was in the area so called a friend and went to a bar in the hills I've wanted to try for ages. Cider on a sunny day = win
  • I went for my first run in three weeks last night. 8kms of slow awesomeness right there. 
  • My husband. It's been a stressful week and he's cooked and cleaned and been generally awesome <3
  • Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls
  • Ben Davis' book is being released on New Year's Eve. It's my birthday two weeks later. Just sayin'
  • How good does this fruity Christmas tree look? Via pinterest
Edible Fruit Christmas Tree #Fruit #Tree #Creative #Beauty

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week and takes some time to think about the amount of awesome, no matter how small, in their lives. Have a great weekend xx

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