Thursday, 26 July 2012

Run Melbourne - the recap

I know, I know, I'm a crappy blogger. It's been almost two weeks since the run and here I am writing now. In my defense, it's mainly me reading this blog, and I know what happened (I was there, after all!).

So, the day dawned crisp and clear. I woke up easily and took Cookie for a walk, which was gorgeous as the sun was rising but the stars will still in the sky. It was ironic to think that I was out at the same time that I would have been starting the half marathon *sob*

After a breakfast of toast and vegemite, and coffee, I caught the tram to the city. Along with half of Melbourne. It was great to see so many people up that early on a tram to go for a run. Good stuff Melbourne!

Gratuitous Melbourne photo from the expo

I made it to warm up aerobics but couldn't see my colleague J anywhere, so joined in and felt like a fool. When it was over him and his girlfriend L found me and we slowly started getting ready. L kindly watched over our bags as she was injured and couldn't run.

As J and I were waiting in line I dispensed my first bit of advice (he was a virgin fun-runner): make sure your shoe laces are tied properly. He said he doubled knotted - I said double knots offended me. Little was I to know that I should have taken either my advice or his - I had to stop TWICE to do my laces during the run! Argh!

When we finally started running, I was kinda pleased to hear 'Everybody Runs' by the Butterfly Effect playing. Not only was it literally true, but I was getting a tattoo of their logo later that day so it seemed apt.

We started running, and I overtook J, then he overtook me, then I overtook him, and then he overtook me and that was the last I saw of him. He did it in about 50ish minutes (and raised more money than I did too!).

The run itself was...hard. My music wasn't giving me love, and I was pushing more than I would have liked because I really wanted to do well. In the half I was able to relax and just get in a zone, with the music choices being able to carry me along. This time it was all slow, mellow stuff (and no Disturbed at all - very upset), and overall it wasn't my best run. I finished it in 55.47, so under an hour, but I didn't love it.

The packed finish line (officially the line is too the left)
Afterwards I caught up with J and L, collected my bag, got a free coffee (SCORE!) and waited for my friend A to finish. It was her first 5kms, and I was SO proud of her for doing it! She rocked it in 43 minutes or so, which was great. I'm not sure if I can put photos of her up here, so instead I'll put a photo of me that she took afterwards.

Highlight of the day though? Guide dogs!!!

Guide dogs! Which we could pat!

Afterwards we went home then went out to get tattoos. That's a story for another day. Although interestingly, my thighs (ITBs) hurt for three days after the run. The tattoo I couldn't even feel. Strange turn of events indeed.

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