Saturday, 19 May 2012

Running update

I've had some good news and some bad news with running lately. I saw a running coach who suggested that I ease off running a bit and then build back up. I kind of did that, but I think I went too hard this week. I ran Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Right after the Wednesday run my knee was sore. It stayed sore the next day too - not just a 'damn, my knee is a bit sore which means everytime I move it I'm doing damage sore', but actually sore. Although yesterday it didn't hurt at all.

Go figure. The marathon is definitely out of the picture, and possibly the half is, too.

In better news, one of my friends has just started running and she did her first attempt at a 5km today. I'm so proud of her! If anyone is going to keep at it and work hard, it's her.

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