Friday, 9 September 2011

Tough Mudder

As I was trawling the interwebs the other day (well, facebook), I discovered a little ad on the side called Tough Mudder. It looked interesting so I clicked the link...and fell in love. If by love you mean instant excitement.

Tough Mudder is billed as 'probably the toughest event on the planet'. I don't believe it's that' tough, but I'm sure we'll see. It involves a 12 mile (which equates to 19 kms...eep!) obstacle course with things like mud pits, monkey bars, dives into icy water and other vaguely masochistic challenges. Awesome. Actually, looking at some of the individual challenges has made me wonder what the hell I was thinking! Particularly since it will be two weeks before our wedding!

mud crawl - georgia Tough Mudder 2011

BUT it does tie in nicely with some of my challenges - eg one of the requirements is to be able to do at least 6 chin-ups and at least 25 push-ups. So I can think of it as epic way of achieving my goals, yes?

monkey bar - georgia Tough Mudder 2011

I was hoping that my friend Anna would do it with me, but she said hell no. But I live in hope! (although I didn't realise it was 12 miles rather than 12 kms...this does make quite a difference).

Now to buy me some kettle bells or at least a dumb bell bar. Good times ahead! :-D

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