Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Tofu of Win™ with soba and vegie soup

After having a bit of a health scare on the weekend and cutting short our weekend away, I decided it was time to eat less cheese *sob* and a bit more healthily. This is how Dan's Tofu of Win™ came into being!

Buckwheat soba soup (with Tofu of Win™)
Serves 4

1 large handful of dried shittake mushrooms that have soaked for about an hour (keep the water for the soup)
1 large teaspoon sambal oelek (or any chili would work)
Half teaspoon dried ginger (or 1 full teaspoon fresh/crushed)
1 or 2 teaspoons of crushed garlic
1 sachet of miso paste
A splurt of mirin
A heap of Vegies (we used broccoli, carrot, corn from the cob, red and green capsicum)
Diced spring onion
Soy sauce
2 packets of buckwheat soba noodles
Tofu, diced into chunks
Vegeta (vegetable stock)
Peanut oil

Make the broth first and when it gets to a boil you can blanch the carrot, then the broccoli. You don't want to leave it in there as they will go all mushy, so use common sense. Other vegies will be added last, but it's all up to you. You can also use the mushroom soaking water as that will add flavour. Soba can be added last as that will also go mushy. 

Whilst that's all happening coat your tofu in vegeta and fry it. I was skeptical at first, but holy crap. THIS IS DELICIOUS. I couldn't stop eating it. It's tasty, great textured, and just awesome. Try it. You'll never look back. If there's any left it can then be added to the bowls before you pour the soup in. Sprinkle with spring onion, add a healthy dash of soy sauce and voila! Instant awesome. It won't make leftovers since it will all go mushy so make enough to eat, or give some to your housemates!  

You'll note that you can't see much tofu. This is because I ate the rest of it :-/ There is more in the bottom of the bowl, but personally I would prefer to eat it as is. 

And, because I realised I haven't posted a picture of me on this blog yet, here is a shameless pic of me at the farm we stayed at in the Yarra Valley (before I got sick). Although I work for a farming organisation, I don't think I could look more like a city girl if I tried! 

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