Monday, 26 September 2011

The Royal Melbourne Show, aka Tiny Baby Lambs!

This weekend I attended the Royal Melbourne Show for the second time. I'm not really a big fan of the Show since it's a financial death trap (entry! rides! showbags! food! miscellaneous crap!) so getting free entry helped. I attended a forum relating to work, and the caught up with my housemate and ran amok. Well, not really. But we had fun.

Now, since I work for a farming organisation and was attending a farmer's forum, I thought I should pay attention to the agricultural aspects of the Show, which is really what it was all about back in the day. Luckily, the thing I most wanted to do was to pat a tiny baby lamb. You may think that the tiny baby part of it is encompassed by the lamb part of it (lamb does mean young sheep after all), but no. I wanted a TINY BABY LAMB! And I scored with these little guys that had just been born that day. Possibly that hour (I think there was still placenta...).

They were frolicking and gambolling and just being adorable. I may have let out several delighted squeals of things such as '"s that not the cutest little fucker you've ever seen?!?!" 

I failed in my attempt to get a photo with one of the tiny baby lambs, as little kids like the ones below kept on cock-blocking me. Damn kids! ;)

After the animals and showbags (hello Bertie Beetle!), it was time for rides. Or, one ride. The XXXL. This bad boy flings you up, over, around and down, and frankly, I was scared for my life. It was awesome. I'm glad the guy told me to take my glasses of though, because otherwise they would be somewhere in the Maribyrnong by now I think. When you're as blind as a bat and not wearing glasses, the world looks like this:


When you have your glasses back on, it looks more like this: 

If you're thinking about going to the Show I'd say do it. Any day that makes you learn something, squeal with delight and fear for your life has got to be a good day!*

*It also helps to go with someone from Tasmania who has never seen anything like it before. You can laugh at their quaintness, and enjoy the fact that they are having a friggen awesome day! :)

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