Sunday, 13 January 2013

Ridiculous runs and Domestic Goddesses

This weekend has been a great one! Saturday I bit the bullet and went shopping for new runners. After getting shin splints from my last ones (which were gain analysed and all that jazz) I was a little concerned about getting new shoes. After spending more than I planned on, I have shiny new runners. Perfect for running in my first Hash House Harriers. 
After signing up to a random HHH a year ago, I was finally able to attend a meeting. Basically HHHs are known as drinking groups with a running problem, or running groups with a drinking problem (depending on your view point). So I knew it would be a good day.
Dan came along and we met up at a pub in the city, with about 13 other people, many of them HHH virgins as well. We got told what it's all about and then off we went. It was hilarious. Running through the city yelling "On on!" or "On left" while tourists and locals stared at the rag tag group of crazy people running was awesome.  
Running down Little Bourke St (Chinatown)
After 11kms running through the city and surrounding areas, we ended up back at the pub for a drink and an initiation into HHH culture. After chatting and promising to come back next month, Dan and I decided  hearty Mexican was in order, so Taco Bills was the next port of call. Being a birthday club member meant that my meal and a slice of Mexican cake was free (SCORE!). I always forget that you really should wear your stretchy pants when you go to Taco Bill. We rolled ourselves home and parked on the couch to watch much more fit and talented people than us dance on TV. 

Today I was feeling all domestic goddessy and made some zucchini muffins from the epic haul in our garden. 

I made the muffins using this recipe as a base, and substituting the ham, capsicum and mushrooms for a grated zucchini, 1 small carrot and three sundried tomatoes. It was pretty awesome.


I also made vegie stew with lentil dhal for meals during the week. What I'm really happy about though is that I've only had 5 drinks this week, so I've stuck to my resolution of only having 6 drinks a week, even though drinking is a large part of HHH culture. Next week is my birthday week though so that will be quite hard, but this week it's been easier than I thought. Hooray! Fingers crossed for next week.

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