Sunday, 6 January 2013

32 by 32

When I first started this blog I had a 30 before 30 challenge where I aimed to do 30 things before I turned 30. Since 30 is a seminal age, the items on that list were bucket list items and smaller yet still significant items.

I'll be 31 on January 15th, and would like to redo this list. However this time there is a random mixture. Some big things, but many little things. Some are things that are on my new 'one day list', which is a list of those things that you'll always say you'll do one day then forget about. I did one of these things today but will post about it another time. Some are other ones that I had on my big list but couldn't get around to.

So, in no particular order, here is my 32 by 32 list.

1. Do the splits
2. Cage dive with great white sharks
3. Learn to surf
4. Do a ghost tour around Melbourne
5. Do vertical splits again (i.e. splits up a wall or pole)
6. Go parasailing
7. Get my chest to the ground when stretching my legs out
8. Run a marathon (or another half marathon, but let's aim high shall we!)
9.  Bike ride along the beach
10. Do a somersault on the trampoline
11. Visit the Melbourne Museum
12. Have high tea
13. Visit Scienceworks
14. Register for Tough Mudder or Oxfam Trailwalk
15. Do Febfast
16. Sew a skirt and love it (or at least one that I can wear often)
17. Try aerial or hooping
18. Do Bikram yoga
19. Bake bread from scratch
20. Cook with Rhubarb
21. Make a delicious three course meal
22. Make Ice cream or sorbet
23. Cook one meal per month that I've pinned to my Pinterest board
24. Play golf
24. Read at least one classic
25. Do the Bay West Trail
27. Do Barefoot Bowling
28. Have dinner at Milanos
29. Go to the Art Deco 1920's pub/restaurant
30. Wednesday night trivia at the newly discovered pub up the road
31. Do the entire Yarra Scenic Drive
32. Sail a long ship

Join me as I do my 32 by 32 challenge. Do you have any items you've always wanted to do?

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