Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Pole progress

It's been ages since I last posted! Things have been good but crazy. Fitness-wise, not a lot has been happening. Injury (shin splints/tight calf and bad neck/back) has meant that I've been out of action for a while.

Pretty much the only thing that I've been doing is pole dancing. Which is pretty awesome.

We've been doing a lot of climbing lately, and this is one of my favourite tricks/positions: The Seat

It takes a bit of strength to clutch the pole with your thighs, and it hurts a fair bit, particularly on your foot as you've used it to climb and it's now gripping the pole. Both of my feet have massive bruises from the climbing! 

Last night was a mixed bag in terms of performance. We learnt some new spins which just didn't really work, and even practising some older ones just wasn't working, so it was all a little hard. And then we did a final trick which involved going upside down. It was the basis of an intermediate trick, and I was the only one to do it, so that was kind of awesome. I thought it was called spider legs, but trying to Google search that got me some weird responses :-/ 

It it pretty much this one, which is the start of the Eagle. 

We have a couple of weeks left of the class and I'm weighing up what to do from here. I think it's hurting my neck and shoulders so it may not be a long term thing. But it's really fun, and I'm enjoying doing something different that incorporates both strength and flexibility (I don't really have the sexy/coordinated aspect so am not going to focus on that!). We could do the Beginner course again to perfect everything, which many people do, or move onto Intermediate which I'm technically good enough to do but not as good as I'd like to be. 

Decisions, decisions! 

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