Friday, 10 August 2012

F*ck Yeah Friday!

it's been an interesting week this week. I had grand plans of being very active and doing lots of running and weights. Unfortunately things like the weather, Olympics and general laziness laid that to rest.

What awesome things have been making me smile this week?

  • First pole dancing session this week.
  • Nurofen Plus. I hurt my back (I think from too much sitting on the couch watching the Olympics) and they are the only things getting me through today. 
  • Trying to find balance:
  • yin & yang
    via pinterest
  • Getting tickets and album on order for the Tread album launch tomorrow. Woot!
  • Going for a fast 5km run listening to Disturbed after work and having it STILL BE LIGHT!
  • This post on Running off the Reeses on being angry if you're hungry. Amen sister!
  • Words of wisdom:

Via Run the Edge (facebook)

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