Sunday, 30 September 2012

Final pole class

This week was my final class in beginner's pole. Since I couldn't make it on Monday as I was in Sydney, they were able to fit me in on Tuesday, which was absolutely fantastic. 

The first thing I noticed about the girls in the new class is that they were good. We had to climb three times and then invert, which they all did easily. Compared to my class where it was only me and another girl (who was on her third round of Beginners and is also doing Intermediate) that could invert, it was really inspiring and made me want to lift my game! 

We had to do a performance for the other group and vice versa, so we learned a routine based on most of what we'd learnt over the past 8 weeks. I always forget what comes next in things like dances, tai chi or karate (which is why I no longer do them), so this was an interesting challenge. For the most part it was fine -  I did better than expected, although I did forget a step which meant that Fan Legs didn't work. And because a lot of it was on the floor my knees are still bruised, several days later. But all in all, it was fun! 

Someone took a photo and put it on FB, so you can see what it was like! 

I'm in the green shorts

We did our routine in front of the girls doing Fan Dance 2, so we had an audience. It was pretty good when they'd cheer at an awesome move, particulalry when we all slid down in Fireman's pose at the same time. We then watched the them do their routine, and it was great to see. It really is quite body affirming as there are all these women of different shapes, fitness and colours doing their thing wearing not a lot. It takes balls to do it, so well done to them!

Unfortunately both Beginners and Intermediate 1 are booked out for term 5, but I might be able to do a casual pole strength class. I'm interested to see what that is like. I'm hoping it will be a heap of conditioning and stretching exercises and will fill the void until next year. Fingers crossed!

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