Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Today was the kind of day that makes you take back every charitable thought you have of Melbourne in winter. Melbourne in winter has many charms...but not today. It was 13 degrees, cold, rainy, windy and generally miserable.

However, after work I took the dog out and we ran a nice 3kms. Despite the frozen numb hands, it was the perfect temperature. Walking... not so awesome.

I ran on concrete through the streets *shock! horror!* but my knee didn't hurt. I realised that maybe it's due to one of three things: 
  • My knee doesn't like that particular running track
  • My knee doesn't like compression shorts
  • My knee doesn't like the friend I run with
Or maybe just the exercises are working. Either way...WOOHOO!

I also scored a sweet cheap gym membership today. A month at a local gym for $29. Nice. It may help to burn off some of the copious amounts of cheese we bought and consumed at the Good Food and Wine Festival on the weekend...no. What am I saying?? Cheese will fuel my workouts.I know this.

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