Thursday, 28 March 2013

Run 4 the Kids race update

Wow. What an awesome run! R4TK was my favourite race before the half marathon, mainly because it was the only race I'd done. I first did the 5km there 3 years ago (first time ever running 5km), and then the long course 14.38kms the year after. It was training for the 14kms that I fell completely in love with running. I loved the free training sessions on a Mon and Wed, even forgoing a paid semester of acrobalance and tumbling on a Tues so I could go to the sessions pain free. Acrobalance was hard on the old muscles.

After missing out last year because I was on my honeymoon (life is so hard hey?) and missing ALL the training sessions this year because of the heat and work being stupidly busy, I wasn't feeling as prepped as I could.

I woke up early, had coffee and toast, sorted out my stuff and off I went for the tram. Halfway there I realised that I left my armband at hone. Nooo!  Too late to turn around I kept on. Talking to fellow runners at the tram stop made be realise I could just hold my phone. You know you're tired when pretty much every other option but that goes through your head :-/ I spoke to another runner in the tram who was going her first run , and the 15km. The entire tram was filled with runners, which I really love. Nice to see others like me at 7:30 in the morning.

I met Dan in the city after he finished a 13 hour night shift and off we went. It didn't seem quite as well organised as last year - maybe because we were later than expected due to a very long toilet line at Fed Square. The entire pre-race was about waiting. But it was a good chance to people watch.
Dan and I before the race

Obligatory crowd shot 
Lady on stilts. As you do
I was in the Blue Zone, for people with a 50 min 10km pace (a little optimistic when I booked) and Dan was in the Orange Zone. We compromised in the Yellow Zone, until he got shamed by the announcer to leave. I was on my own after that,which I kinda like more.

And they're off! No...just waiting. Just some of the 35,000 runners patiently waiting
After around 10 or 15 mins for the waves to go through, we were off! And it felt good. Really good. Sure, there are heaps of people, but it's not as jam packed as the 5 kms and people actually run rather than walk. Very few prams too. And yes the tunnel is hot, but it's the friggen Burnley Tunnel - how often do you get to run through that??

The run to the Bolte Bridge was good. Feeling good, good pace. The clouds had cleared up (again!) so it started getting hot near the on ramp. The drinks station was a welcome relief. Then up the ramp. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself as I was powering up, thinking that my strength is my stamina-I may not go fast but I keep on going, whereas others were slowing down and walking. I was overtaking people and then...I got overtaken by someone I'd overtaken ages ago! RMH Staff Member t-shirt lady, I'm talking about you. I started running faster and eventually lost her.

By that time I'd reached the top, there was a cool breeze and the endorphins kicked in. I started grinning like a fool, waving at the cameras and taking in the views. It was SO MUCH FUN! I realised the benefits of holding my camera - taking photos was easy!

Midrun view of Melbourne from the Bolte Bridge
I stayed in the shade of the wall and ran down. I felt pretty good until about the 12km mark when I started flagging. People overtook me and my right ankle/calf started hurting. I kept on going slowly, and it was only the supporters that got e through. Never underestimate the power of supporters. In the final km there were heaps of kids wanting high fives-how could I deny them? They really helped me through. Thanks little dudes!

I finished the run in a respectable 1:25:54, with an average page of 5:43. I was hoping for 1:30 but thought it would be around 1:45. To say I'm happy with the time is an understatement - I haven't run anything below a 6:00 pace for a long time, and it was below 1:30. Dan finished his in 1:44:49, which considering he'd been up all night and didn't train is pretty spectacular.

A somewhat pink me waiting for Dan after the race
It was then straight home for a big brekkie of eggs, mushrooms, spinach and toast, and bed for Dan.

It's really relit the fire for a marathon. I just had so much fun running this one I really want to get that feeling again, and have something to aim for.

All in all, a great day and a great race.

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