Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Operation Kickstart

Last week I was feeling sore and stressed out of my eyeballs. Life is really good, but it reached the point that even the things I love doing such as spending time with wonderful friends was stressing me. I needed some me time.

I had a bath on Saturday night with crystals, oils and candles, and it occurred to me that I haven't taken my crystals out since well before the wedding which was seven months ago tomorrow(!). Nor have I been to the hills and out on one of my sanity saving hikes through the ferns for around the same amount of time.

My beloved Dandenong Ranges <3

Even though life has been great, I haven't been focusing on the things that make me truly happy or that make me a better person. And so Operation Kickstart was born.

Operation Kickstart - because every campaign must have a wanky name. 

I decided that I needed to make some changes in my life, both on a personal and a physical level. And the best way of doing that is to do one small thing every day towards that goal. 

Sometimes it's about changing habits, or sometimes it's about taking tiny steps towards something big.

There's lots of ways Operation Kickstart can work. The point of it is to make a promise to yourself to start making changes, and then actually doing them. It's a good way of being mindful of the fact that you do have something you want to work towards and keeping it in the front of your mind rather than forgetting about it (tax returns are a good example of this!).

To start it off, here's a couple of my pledges:
  • Go for a solo hike in the forest (Sunday)
  • Having bircher muesli for brekkie yesterday rather than toast (Monday)
  • Having a delicious noodle and vegie soup for dinner rather than pasta (Monday)
  • Catching up with family today and it will not be strained. 
And most importantly, I bought a new bike!! A friend was selling it so I snapped it up. I rode it home on Sunday and it rode like a dream, so I'm very much looking forward to many lazy bike rides this Spring and Summer!  

Photo: Selling my pushbike!  

Pretty much brand new 3 speed ladies Schwinn cruiser. 

Has white wall tires and a basket!! Bright red with white accents :-)
Only rode it 3 times. $200 ONO!
Meet Susan

It will definitely help with getting more exercise in and since it has a basket I will be able to ride it up to the shops. This will assist with Operation Kickstart I'm sure.

I'm looking forward to Operation Kickstart. I hope you join me :)

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