Monday, 30 April 2012

Marathon Training Day 1

After spending pretty much every waking second with another person (i.e. my husband on our honeymoon) over the last month, having Saturday night to myself while he went to work was absolute bliss. How did I spend my treasured Saturday night?

Writing up a training plan!

I signed up for the Run Melbourne half marathon, where I did my first half last year. As I'm planning on using it as a training ground for the Melbourne Marathon on October 14, I thought I would write up a training plan.

Training for May

The plan is based on the training plan on the Run Melbourne website. I'm not sure if this is the best one as it says to run for time (eg 40 mins) rather than distance. I don't know if this will be better or worse, so I'm doing some research.

I ended up buying a 2012 diary for 50 cents (woot!) so I can easily write how I felt, what I did, etc. That way if I injure myself or anything like that I'll be able to track it. And, you know, because Runner's World said to have a training diary.

Anyway, since my training didn't start until this week, I went for a run yesterday morning to help gauge my fitness (or lack thereof). I was quietly hoping that training would start with a bang. Unfortunately, it started with a whimper and shuffle.

A difficult 6kms. I even walked. But that will make it MUCH more special at the end!

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