Tuesday, 17 May 2011


After creating a blog, posting once and then having some gremlins make it disappear (I think), here we are again!

Why am I creating a blog? Well, there are many reasons. One is that I am a blog whore and could quite happily read blogs all day - reading about new people, new styles, new ways of thinking, new places. It's pretty sweet. Also though, I want to create a blog that shows my journey. I am not perfect. I often take for granted the amazing things that I have in my life. I am not always where I want to be, or who I want to be. So let's change that.

This blog is the public account of my journey. My journey to becoming who I want to be. The journey of Radical Self Love, ala Ms Gala. The journey of not feeling scared or intimidated by life. The journey of making my life, and ideally the life of others, a little bit more awesome and beautiful.

I have grand plans of challenges I want to set myself and projects I want to do. Let's try doing something different and make it public and accountable. Of course, I gotta figure out what some of these challenges are though :-p But you know, baby steps.

Come join me under the ranga tree.

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