Friday, 30 December 2011

Scuba Diving

A couple of weeks ago Dan and I did a Scuba diving course. We'd booked it through Zoupon and got a great deal. Of course there were added extras such as snorkel, fins gloves etc, and we had to upgrade to Open water course (which is 18 meters)  rather than a 12 meter course, but that happens.

It took a fair bit of time - online learning, 2 nights theory, one day in the pool, one day at Rye pier (on two dives), and then two open water dives the next week, but it was worth it! It really is another world under there. I can't wait to get out there!

Because I'm a bad blogger I don't have any proper photos (and Dan took video footage rather than photos), so here is a stock standard picture of a weedy sea dragon:

Dive Adventure with Sea Dragons (no experience necessary) - Mornington Peninsula, VIC

We saw these guys at Rye Pier and Portsea Pier, as well as leafy sea dragons, which are a little more ornate and well, leafy. There was also a couple of little fiddler rays, as well as a black manta ray that I didn't see (the joys of having bad eyesight). 

Now to start getting out there and exploring Port Phillip Bay. Any suggestions for good diving (or even snorkelling) sites? 

In other news, I suck at sticking to challenges. I did Shred a couple of times, and realised that I only had three workouts. I didn't quite realise that you're meant to be doing the first workout for 10 days, then the second workout for 10 days and so on... I do enjoy it though, but I think I'd get really bored doing it that much. I also got dumbells for Christmas (thanks mum!) so I will be using them. 

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